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14213 Cherry Lane Court
Laurel, MD 20707
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A Small Company Providing 
Large Communications Services

Ball & Ball Communications was founded in 1993 by Grady Ball as a full wireless communications provider offering sales, service and installation of top quality products. Mr. Ball retired from the National Security Agency with over 30 years experience and brings with him numerous commendations from a host of high ranking government officials. Together with his son Eric, Mr. Ball has developed BBCI into a leading player in the high-tech secured communications field. BBCI includes in their vast clientele:

  • President’s Cabinet Secretaries
  • Department of Defense – Highest Echelon Staff
  • Top Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Capitol Hill’s Leadership
  • And a host of other Federal Government and local agencies

LED Strip Light Bar Pictured Above

For all your immediate and emergency communications needs. Ball & Ball puts the "secure" in security.

Motorola - Whelen - Kenwood - 
Sti-co Antennas - TruckVault
Sales - Service - Installation

Recognized NSA STU III secure cellular phone installation, repair and service establishment

BBCI boasts a wide selection of communications equipment and accessories to suit your every need:
  • Motorola - Kenwood 2-Way Radios 
  • Cellular Phone (non-secured)
  • Cellular Phone and Repair Center for Sectera
  • Crypto Equipment Destruction Center
  • Sti-co Disguised Antennas
  • Window Tinting
  • Whelen Emergency Lighting Equipment
  • TruckVault

Photo Bottom Right - QUALCOMM Model 2700 Secure Phone

Ball & Ball Communications is an Authorized TruckVault Dealer

TruckVault manufactures the finest in-vehicle equipment storage solutions in the world. Whether you drive a SUV, SUT, pick-up truck, sedan, van or your own custom rig, TruckVault has the right cargo storage solution for you. Hand-crafted in the United States of America and backed by our unsurpassed lifetime warranty, every TruckVault trunk organizer, mobile command center or SUV custom storage cabinet you receive will undoubtedly exceed all of your expectations and secure storage needs.

STE Secure Telephone 
Equipment (right)
  • Licensed Radio Telephone Operators by FCC
  • Licensed COMSEC Custodians by NSA
  • Terms: Net 30
  • Government Credit Card
  • Purchase Orders
  • BPA
Sectéra™ Secure GSM

The Secure GSM handset is a standard Motorola commercial product, offering all the features users have come to expect in a modern GSM cellular telephone, including:

  • Small size, Long battery life
  • High quality voice and data
  • User-Friendly menus on a large graphical display
  • Web browsing and GPRS data services

 Pictured At Left
Light & Siren Contol Head



 Installation, Sales, Service & Maintenance  

Call or email us for pricing  

Products Include:

  • Air Horns

  • Antenna All Types (incl Disguised)

  • Armored Car System Maintenance

  • Backup Alarm & Camera System

  • Brakelight Flashers (Flashback)

  • Center Consoles

  • Combination Safes/Boxes

  • Computer Mounts

  • Crypto Storage Devices Facility (Federally Authorized)

  • Data Terminal Decals & Graphics

  • Electronic System Maintenance  

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Equipment Console

  • GPS Docking Station

  • GPS Systems

  • Gun Rack (with or w/o Electric Lock)

  • Gun Safe

  • Hands-Free Cell Phone Kits

  • Headlight Flasher/Wig-Wag

  • I-COP Camera System

  • Inverters, Generators & Battery Solutions

  • K-9 Cages

  • Laptop Computer Platform/Mounts

  • Lightbars

  • Lockbox

  • Mirror Beams

  • Mobile Radio

  • Pedestal Phone Stands

  • Prisoner Cages

  • Radio & Antenna

  • Reading Lamps

  • Rewiring

  • Running Boards

  • Sirens & Speakers

  • Slim Lighters

  • Spot Lights (large & small)

  • Step Rails

  • Strobe  & LED Lights

  • Undercover & Surveillance Cameras/Video Systems

  • Window Tinting (Darkening, removals)

  • Work Tables

Government Secure Products:

  • STU III 4.8 Mobile

  • STU III 9600 Desktop (Motorola & AT&T)     

  • Sectera (Portable)

  • Qualcomm Q-Sec 2700 (Portable)

  • Qualcomm Q-Sec 2700 ECK (Mobile)

  • Qualcomm Clear/Secure Data Cable            

  • Qualcomm Data Transfer Device Adapter Cable

  • Q-Sec 2700 Quick Disconnect Kit

  • Q-Sec 2700 Programming Software Upgrade

  • Rolling Code Scrambler Module                               

  • Transcript Secure Module

Government Authorized Crypto Destruction Center -
Call for Special Instructions & Pricing

Product Line:

  • Antenna Specialist (Antenna)

  • Antennex (Antenna)

  • Comet (Antenna)

  • Havis-Shields (Consoles)

  • Icom (Radio)

  • Kenwood (Radios)

  • Maxrad (Antenna)

  • Motorola (Cell Phones)

  • Motorola (Radios)

  • Nokia (Cell Phones)

  • Optimum Batteries (Deep Cycle Gel Cell)

  • Panavise (Mounts)

  • Pro-Gard (Prison Cages)

  • Qualcomm (Cell Phones)

  • Sti-Co (Antenna)

  • Truck Vault      

  • Whelen (Emergency Equipment)


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Ball & Ball Communications, Inc.

Sales - Service - Installation

14213 Cherry Lane Court
Laurel, MD 20707
Phone: 301-490-1587 
Fax: 301-490-1588
Email :
Address Map  |  Driving Directions



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